Friday, September 25, 2009

Food adventures: Hello from Chicago

Sorry for the lack of posts - I know it must have been weird after the everyday posts of summer.

Anyhow I know you were thinking what I was trying not to think - with school and reading and wanting to have a life, how am I supposed to keep baking?

Well fear not (*cringe. Sorry for the cliches). Today (as in today, Friday, after the first week of school and before a weekend of reading) my roommate and I will walk to the local Jewel-Osco and buy some groceries (i.e. baking supplies).

I have vanilla beans on hand, as well as vanilla extract and a mixer and whatnot. Our master plan? Mini chocolate chip muffins to provide us with a week of breakfast. So expect a recipe post soon! :)

Anyway on top of my schoolwork I've been trying to find a job at a local bakery, so hopefully that'll come around. I just really want to get a feel for baking and become better at it.

Other exciting news: I ventured into the Spice House on Central in Evanston and it. is. awesome.

Three types of vanilla beans (and extract), the cheapest one is $1.89 per bean. For Madagascar beans. AH! And then the Tahitian beans. AH!
And orange blossom water, lavender, rose water, pure wasabi. AH! You know what this means? THIS
and THIS and, well, a lot of other stuff that I can only dream of making in my tiny dorm kitchen.

Anyway I can't wait to tell Boyfriend about Spice House :) He's cooking wontons tonight.

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