Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Food adventures: Indonesian

Today I went with a couple friends to try out this one Indonesian restaurant my Indonesian friend likes so much. Last time we went on a Monday only to find out it's closed on Mondays. Go figure.

Java Spice - 1743 Fullerton Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Highlights: Specialty drinks, banana leaves
Pictured: Coconut milk with rose syrup, coconut milk with green gelatin and brown sugar

We also had some shrimp flavored tofu wrapped in banana leaves. Not amazing, tasted like kimchi and I can't stand spicy food. But I did like the presentation and the fact that it was a banana leaf. The same way I like the fact that bamboo leaves wrap that Chinese rice dish.

Anyway, some entree pictures. I enjoyed my noodle dish, although I can't remember what it is. I just ordered what the server recommended. It all had a very familiar taste, similar to Chinese food (I hope I don't offend anyone).

Onto non-food related adventures.* Watched "9" after dinner and was severely, terribly disappointed. The animations, the drawings, the IDEA was so well-done, insightful, intriguing. The actual execution? A disappointment. The plot was so forced, so simple without any driving point other than curiosity. And quite honestly, the curiousity wasn't enough.

Character development also let me down. The nine individuals created had such potential to be amazingly human figures - their expressions and nuances were so well done. There was, however, no expansion of that. You got a glimpse of their character, but no understanding. And perhaps that's the theme with "9". You get a glimpse of the world, but no real understanding of the key players. The theme of manmade destruction, however, is force fed to you.

*Sorry. I know this is a food blog. But I figured different things will spice it up a bit.

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