Saturday, September 12, 2009

Food adventures: Sushi Gen


So this isn't really an adventure since I've been here before and I LOVE sushi, but I figured I'd take this opportunity to rave about my favorite sushi spot in LA. THIS is where I converted Boyfriend into a sushi eater, and now he buys sushi by the pound (?!).

Sushi Gen is an amazing traditional Japanese restaurant next to Little Tokyo and they have AMAZING toro. AMAZING. Every time I've gone there, their toro (fatty tuna) has always been perfect. Smooth and sweet and paired perfectly with rice. Always just the right color and the right texture.

Their sushi is always well-made, and the chefs are experienced. Sadly, their hamachi (yellowtail) is only decent, but their amaebi (sweet shrimp) and maguro (tuna) is also excellent. Uni (sea urchin) is also good.

They're always super busy but for some reason my parents and I have good luck and we're always seated upon arrival.


I tried eating the fried shrimp head for the first time today. Scary-looking things.

My mom, showing me how to eat it. I've never had it before and it freaked me out - you just remove the eyes and bite into it.

Anyway did I mention that I love sushi? My mom's worried that I won't be able to afford sushi in the future and then I'll just get skinnier and skinnier. Because sushi is the only thing I'll eat and keep eating.

Also, I keep hearing about this Sushi Sasabune - some people (cupcakes and cashmere) claim its the best on the West Coast. Really? Hmmm. Must try. Although it sounds like a non-traditional, experimental type of japanese cuisine and really, I'm more into the traditional.

That's all for now. Sorry, no recipes today. Bought a mini muffins tin for $10. Macarons are sticky again and I'm thinking of just going back to the David Lebovitz recipe. Made honey financiers with the cheapest honey I could find and some brown sugar - excellent variation.

Happy eating.

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