Monday, October 12, 2009

Food adventures: Manic Mondays and macarons

My first bakery macaron. Ever.

I love feel good 80's songs. I hate Mondays.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose :( But I refuse to get sick. I refuse. I am now loading up on hot water and vitamin C. Go immune system! Go!

Also walked to the post office only to find it closed. National holiday. Right (Why do we have school again?).

But to make up for it, dropped by Bennison's Bakery on Davis St. for two things.
1. To see if they had any job openings
2. To see if they had macarons.

The results?
1. Negative
2. Affirmative. Bought one of each, brought them home and shared them. Lavender (pictured above), raspberry and chocolate. Interesting; not what I expected, but good. The lavender was more almond-y than anything else and I didn't get the pseudo-cake texture. But they were darn cute.

I've tried making macarons before (jasmine tea, mint chocolate and others which failed). And somehow, I'm not sure whether or not I've done them correctly. Mine had feet, but they also had a little air bubble between the shell and the interior. I didn't fold them to the consistency of magma, but every time I tried they stuck to the sheet. Soooooo. No idea. Will have to try again once I get my hands on a food processor and some almonds. I also tried to find Tartelette's macaron tutorial but Desserts Magazine won't let me access that. Bummer.

Now about Number 1. Is "Sorry, we're not hiring at this moment" a euphemism for "Sorry, we're not hiring you because you're not qualified"? Or "Sorry, we filled the position with someone else"? Both bakeries around the area have turned me down and I am just realizing how badly I need a job. Really. Good food and baking supplies = money. Money which I may not have in a while.

So I shall pepper the landscape (read: cafes) with my resume and hope someone decides to hire me.

Anyway I have finalized my plans for Thanksgiving, and am going to the D.C. area to hang out with Roomie! I get to be a tourist and explore. Plus, her mom used to own a cutesy cool deli in the area, so more food adventures for me. Finally, expect guest blog from Roomie soon :) Blueberry muffins are on the agenda.


Chocolate Shavings said...

Those are beautiful!

Nico said...

Hi there, if you want the pdf of that macaron article by tartelette I can email it to you.