Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food adventures: Chinatown and 3-inch macarons

Yes. That is a three-inch macaron. A raspberry vanilla 3-inch macaron. You can freak out (and be jealous).

It all started with not knowing where to eat on a Saturday night. For some odd reason there was a parade down Michigan Avenue day before yesterday, so the streets were crowded with tourists and cute kids (!). However, it also meant that there would be people standing around learning how to use the CTA transit card machine, which made me miss my train going downtown (urghhhhh).

So walking around, not knowing what to eat, seeing good places filled with lines and not wanting to wait, we walked into the Peninsula's wine and cafe place Pierrot Gourmet. Obviously too pricey for college kids, but they had three-inch macarons. Raspberry vanilla, or PB&J. I think I turned to B
oyfriend, pointed at this raspberry vanilla creation, and said "I want."

Not sure, but quite positive it was along those lines.

He promised to come back later and buy it. As for dinner, off to Chinatown. Where we didn't find wontons. Boooo.

But I got the macaron eventually. And I finally understood what people have been describing as a "creamy" center. Heaven!

As you can see, it's taller than an iPod shuffle. And bigger than Boyfriend's mouth.

Off to practice spanish for a presentation tomorrow! Booooo. But after that, snickerdoodles from leftover shortbread dough. We'll see how they turn out.

P.S. Photo credit goes to Boyfriend, who knows how to use his camera better and has a knack for angles.

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