Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Food adventures: Japan

Hi from across the Pacific.

So I've been in Japan for the past couple of days - Kobe for two, Kyoto for the past two. I've been buying macarons wherever I see them - including the Starbucks across the street. That's right. Starbucks makes macarons. Who knew?

So snapshot of a few of the macarons I bought (plus random cute things). The two sets shown here are from different bakeries on the basement level of department stores. Bottom right, yellow is passionfruit and chocolate. It's surprisingly amazing, actually.

Also, they have this cheap (relatively) little housewares store called "natural kitchen."
I bought quite a lot (bottom left) because almost everything is 100 yen (105 including tax). That's roughly $1.50, I believe. Their stuff is ridiculously cute. Porcupine cookies, here I come.

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