Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number 39: Cream puffs

Roomie was craving cream puffs, as previously posted, so here they are. She prefers vanilla pastry cream to chocolate, but we drizzled chocolate glaze over it anyway. Because we're both girls, and we're both hating life (school!) right now.

Throat hurts from running in the cold - silly weak immune system. Can't even handle a quick jog to catch the bus.

Also, trying to contact publishers Stranger Danger distros. Help please! I'm on deadline for tomorrow and I have no story. I keep getting emails, but from all the wrong people. Life.

So eclairs with cold vanilla cream to make us feel better. Assemble these fresh, or they'll get soggy.

Cream puffs
recipe adapted from Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Hermé

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random post 2

Yes, I have been making things. I've just been busy. And the lack of natural light these days is making it difficult to get decent photos. Sundown at 5 is a pain.

I food adventured around Chicago this past weekend because it was Boyfriend's birthday. Late lunch at his aunt's Chinese-Japanese fusion restaurant (we tried to go to Hot Doug's but the line was too long), ice skating at Millennium Park and dinner at the Russian Tea Time. I love their house brewed tea, which Boyfriend got. It's got a musky, smoky, sweet but light taste. I wonder if that makes sense... Their jasmine green tea, which I got, was also good --- the smell is strong and it feels like it would be bitter, but it's not. Love.

Anyway Roomie has had a hankering for eclairs, so we'll be making those today (hopefully successfully). Also, guac is on the menu because I've had a hankering for avocados. Hopefully photos will be up ---- in the meantime, how to make heart-shaped marshmallows? I'm in love.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Number 38: Key lime pie

Hello hello. As promised, key lime pie for T as a "thank you" present for a favor. Getting 1/2 teaspoon of lime zest using a parring knife was a pain, but I guess that's the price for having a good writer on staff.

Anyways, recently I've just been madly dashing around looking up internships (!) and apartments (!) and my life is a little hectic. I've been super messy, super lazy when I can be and super anti-social. You know when certain questions keep bugging you, but you never ask them because you fear the response? Yes. That. Like "Am I going to be able to graduate early?" or "What happens if we don't get an apartment?"

Moving on! Had to get that out, but key lime pie for T. To be honest, I've never had key lime pie, so I was unsure of how it would look. I used a recipe from Food & Wine, which called for beaten egg whites to fold into the custard. Roomie noted that she didn't do this, but ah well. I guess it's to make it fluffier? But it's nice and tangy, perfect with sweetened whipped cream. Final verdict will come from T. Bit nervous.

P.S. My porcupine cookies made it onto the National Cookie Network. Yay :)

Key Lime Pie

Monday, January 11, 2010

Random update

Nothing until this weekend (key lime pie for T) so just some food porn.

Played around with a friend's Nikon outfitted with the 50 mm lens that goes down to f/1.8. Lovely.

Croissant and tea at Royal Cafe in Rogers Park, before an interview.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Number 37: Porcupine-shaped smores and New Years

Apologies for the hiatus! Too busy touring and not wanting school to start. But alas, it has.

So I never make New Years resolutions because I always forget to, but I figured, why not.
Of course, they're mostly food-related for now.
1. Make successful and gorgeous macarons
2. Learn to handle raw meat
3. Try red velvet cupcakes
4. Go to moto (or otom)...this means saving money
5. Make a successful chocolate pear cake

This winter break consisted of a lot of baking failures. The list is as follows
1. Chocolate pear brown butter cake via smitten kitchen. Jerry was helping and we forgot to add baking soda. We added it in, mixed it again (read: overmixed), and decided to try it anyway. Fearing that the cake wouldn't rise and the pears and chocolate would overcome the cake (ruining it and wasting all the hard work), I only put in 1/3 of the pears. The cake rose, but the pear flavor was overpowered by the chocolate. Boo.
2. Pear honey financiers. It made everything soggy. 'Nuff said.
3. Pear and white tea jelly. Inspired by tartelette, but the pear slices were too small, the tea too bitter.

As you can tell, it's all pear related. Why? Because I cut too many pears slash didn't put the required amount into the cake and had a lot of extra pear cubes.

Ah well. Failures are good for bringing my ego down.

After I returned to the States, I decided to use my porcupine cookie-cutter. (Sidenote: Some people have been telling me it's a hedgehog. That is possible. Still cute.)

So the idea for hedgehog/porcupine smores popped into my head. It was an almost-fail. I over-baked the first batch, and subsequent batches always seemed too hard for the marshmallows. After a day, however, the cookies softened. I skipped out on the chocolate because I was too busy packing, but I'd recommend spreading chocolate over the cookie (leaving the face of the hedgehog/porcupine alone, though).

Porcupine graham crackers and marshmallow