Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random post 2

Yes, I have been making things. I've just been busy. And the lack of natural light these days is making it difficult to get decent photos. Sundown at 5 is a pain.

I food adventured around Chicago this past weekend because it was Boyfriend's birthday. Late lunch at his aunt's Chinese-Japanese fusion restaurant (we tried to go to Hot Doug's but the line was too long), ice skating at Millennium Park and dinner at the Russian Tea Time. I love their house brewed tea, which Boyfriend got. It's got a musky, smoky, sweet but light taste. I wonder if that makes sense... Their jasmine green tea, which I got, was also good --- the smell is strong and it feels like it would be bitter, but it's not. Love.

Anyway Roomie has had a hankering for eclairs, so we'll be making those today (hopefully successfully). Also, guac is on the menu because I've had a hankering for avocados. Hopefully photos will be up ---- in the meantime, how to make heart-shaped marshmallows? I'm in love.

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