Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Number 50: Caramel-frosted cupcakes

Today's haiku, courtesy of Roomie and me:
Cali cuties are
super duper f-cking cute
tangerines, not girls.

Spring things:
1. Dittmar gallery at NU - awesome installation imitating what's inside a spring cloud. What is a spring cloud anyway? And why is the installation dark and yellow?
2. Gregory Alan Isakov at Evanston Space in April.
3. History of the 60's counterculture or Gender, race and the politics of beauty?
4. Metric in May
5. Big Sis's graduation. May

Also. If I were to have a non-traditional wedding dessert, I would have tartelettes. I mean, donuts, sure. But people (mainly girls watching their weight) would complain. (Well...donuts versus cake. Which is more unhealthy?)

 Caramel-frosted cupcakes
adapted from Martha Stewart and Piece of Cake

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Number 49: Tea olive flower-infused sugar cookies

My spring break in food:
1. Sushi Gen, right off the plane. Toro was subpar, maguro was superb. I missed good seafood.
2. Chinese noodles. Love.
3. Shabu shabu. More sashimi.
4. In-n-out. Double double protein style.
5. Lamb. Fish. Made my own wontons!

And these lovely cookies. I've always wanted to make jasmine sugar cookies via chop chop a to z but I don't have jasmine flowers on hand. At home, however, I do have tea olive flowers on hand. A few adaptions later, these amazing cookies came out of the oven. I'm in love with this sugar cookie recipe.

Tea olive flower-infused sugar cookies

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Number 48: Swedish honey cookies

Boyfriend and I love honey, so I wanted to try these cookies. That, and I had 2 eggs and 1.25 cups of butter in my fridge, a week to use it all and a dislike for chocolate cookies. It's almost spring break, so we have to defrost our fridge.

Anyway these are almost graham cracker-like because they're more sturdy than cookies, but not crispy. The honey taste is slight and the cookie isn't overpowering. It's a bit dainty, actually.

Also, if you've noticed, I'm coming up to the 50th recipe on here. Suggestions for number 50 are welcome!

Swedish honey cookies
adapted from biteclubeats

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Number 47: Pavlova with oranges. Or berries. Or any fruit for that matter.

So I had some leftover egg whites from ice cream. Normally, I go for financiers but I was out of almonds (and walnuts) so meringues it was! I never really like meringue - too sweet. But for the most part, it's an easy crowd-pleaser.

But first, baking cookies with Adobe Photoshop via here. I love.

Pavlova with fresh fruit