Thursday, October 28, 2010

Number 65: White chocolate chip muffins

My humblest apologies for having ignored this blog for almost two months (two months!) now. I have my reasons.
The first is the fact that our dorm kitchen (yes, I'm still dorming it) is located in the basement. Yes, the basement. That means two flights of stairs. And a tiny oven.
The second reason is that Boyfriend has to pay for electricity, and oven usage is expensive. So not so much baking at his place.
I will definitely try to keep this up, but expect more restaurant/eating out posts than baking posts. I did just buy a packet of lavender at the Spice House (where EIC of Bon Appétit will be next Friday!) so that will keep me motivated.

Roomie and I decided to make white chocolate chip muffins for one reason: Hendricks Belgian Bread Crafter in River North, Chicago. It just opened about five months ago and it is my new fave. And of course, their white chocolate chip muffin is amazing. A couple bites in and you find yourself devouring a good solid hunk of white chocolate. They definitely don't skimp. 
Unfortunately, we didn't have large chunks of Belgian white chocolate. But we did our best. And they were good.

 White chocolate chip muffins
adapted from a website I do not remember but will update