Monday, December 20, 2010

Number 67: Brown butter cookies with sea salt

V has been raving about the Brown Butter Cookie Company in Cayucos, Calif. ever since he biked from San Jose to Los Angeles and tried a free cookie on the way. Apparently I had to make these rounded brown butter cookies with sea salt sprinkled on top.

I didn't get a chance to try the cookies last summer, but brown butter and sea salt seemed like an appealing combination. Another Northwestern baker at Bakelist posted brown butter cookies last summer, which I added walnuts to here. This time, however, I stuck to the recipe. For the most part.

Since I was using a brand new cookie cutter which imprints letters, I left out the heavy cream, which tends to crinkle the cookies' surface. With inspiration from V, I mixed sugar and sea salt and pressed it around the lettering. These aren't the little rounds of dough found at the Brown Butter Cookie Company, but they're good. 

Half of these became study snacks for a friend who is studying for the MCATs. The other half disappeared within days. Only one cookie was left for V, three days after the batch went into the oven. It wasn't as good as he remembered, but only because he had biked 50 or so miles before the first brown butter cookie in Cayucos.

Brown butter shortbread with sea salt 
adapted from Bakelist