Friday, May 20, 2011

Number 70: Apple cobbler with white miso streusal

At some point in my life, I became obsessed with cobbler. It started off with this: 
A warm peach cobbler, hidden beneath two scoops of vanilla ice cream on a perfect summer day with good friends in Pasadena, right before a cutesy Michael Cera movie.

After that there was the berry cobbler with ice cream and coffee in Andersonville, the three or so apple or blueberry pies from Whole Foods, another triple berry crumble pie. And now, I'm hooked.

This recipe uses miso in the streusel topping - brilliant! It adds some depth to the flavor ("umami"is the trendy term, I believe). And even though I always slip a little too much lemon in, it always turns out to be a party pleaser. So make it! The recipe will make two small cobblers (as in two cake pans worth) or one large cobbler. And then grab some vanilla bean ice cream (though my sister prefers peanut butter) and dig in. All the peeling and coring is worth it.
Apple cobbler
with white miso streusel

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Number 69: Dulce de leche cookies

It's thundersnowing!

Which means after a terrible live shot attempt in video journalism class (I said "the blizzard people" instead of "city officials"), I rushed back home to change into my jammies and have some hot apple cider. It's my first blizzard EVER. (Reminder: I come from the snowless place of Los Angeles).

So tomorrow is my first snow day, and the school-less agenda includes but is not limited to: Hot chocolate, snow forts, snow angels, snow men, snowball fights and sleep. Lots of it. And maybe some dulce de leche. I bought a jar from Whole Foods last weekend and it has taken all my will power to refrain from eating it with a spoon like ice cream. I had it with a muffin yesterday, so I'd say I'm doing okay.

As of now, the wind is banging against my window and I am wrapped up in my yellow blanket from when I was a kid. There's supposed to be 20 inches of snow tomorrow, but I think my dulce de leche and I can handle it.
Dulce de leche cookies (Alfajores)
Adapted from

Friday, January 21, 2011

On food writing

I kind of love this GOOD magazine series.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Number 68: Orange marmalade

How to kill time this long weekend:

As it is winter, and in this area, snowy and miserably cold, I propose we spend our days indoors with the stove going full force, thus reducing the need for a heater.

The best way to stretch out the amount of time in front of the stove is to make marmalade, or jelly, or jam. And as it is winter, with citrus fruits popping off trees somewhere in California (not in Illinois), I suppose orange marmalade is the answer. This will ensure at least an hour of occasional pot-stirring.

I made two jars of orange marmalade as a present for my mom, who was obsessed with orange marmalade on saltine crackers with cream cheese. To be honest, it was way too much work for my taste, especially if you want to can it properly. When I have to boil clean jars in hot water, use tongs to remove them, and then boil the filled jars again, I usually give up. But I guess for my mom, I stuck it out.

So here's the recipe I used. It's too long and I'm too lazy to re-word it and everything, but if you have an interest in properly canning preserves to make them last longer and whatnot, learn how to sterilize mason jars here and process the jars here.